Morgan + Dan // Married in Newtown, PA

They were calling for rain. Not just a chance of rain or scattered storms but heavy rains all day. I was nervous about it, they were nervous about it and everyone was periodically looking out the window to see what was happening. It held off for a while but while Morgan was getting ready it started coming down and we were all really worried about the ceremony. Morgan got her dress on and got ready to head outside and the rain stopped. Just like that. So we took advantage of the short window we saw and got started with the ceremony. At this point I was just thanking my lucky stars that we were able to have it outside and was making other plans for doing portraits and bridal party photos. So the ceremony ends and the rain is still holding off. I think we got a solid fifteen minutes to take photos of Morgan and Dan and the bridal party. We made the best of it and took advantage of the window we had. Right as we were finishing up it started up again and poured just about all night long. 

I'm just thankful that Morgan and Dan got to have the wedding they planned for with their ceremony outside surrounded by their loved ones. They deserved it - their connection is palpable. Clearly someone was looking out for them.