Kind Words.

The other day I was sitting at my desk checking e-mail. My wife was in the other room and when she came back she looked at me and said "are you crying?" and admittedly I was all teared up. It was because I had just read an email from Laura reviewing me and my work. A few months ago I had shot she and Mike's wedding at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia for my good friend Ash Imagery.  Laura not only described my work and what I try to do in my work perfectly but I feel like she understood me as a person as well. I could go on and on about how much this review meant to me but you're better off reading it in Laura's words.

I knew entering the wedding-planning process
that I was going to be particularly critical selecting a photographer,
since I was being constantly reminded (or scolded, I couldn't tell
which sometimes) that because my wedding day was, hands down, the most
important day of my life, I was going to feel pretty fucking stupid if
the pictures didn't turn out well. I mean, what would I tell my
grandkids?! How else would I be remembered?!!?! Talk about your

Of all the vendors that we needed to select for our August 2015 wedding,
selecting the wedding photographer was easily one of the more
stress-inducing ones. In my research, we wanted a photographer who was
going to take creative, well-composed shots outside of the typical
photonarrative that you might see on most wedding photographer
portfolios (for instance, I had NO interest in doing the glamour bridal
shots). We wanted someone who wasn't going to butcher our photos in
post-production with an overabundance of photoshopping or otherwise
gussy up the images. Perhaps most importantly, we wanted someone who
would be comfortable rolling with the punches, since my husband and I
are a bit eclectic, nerdy and don't naturally take to having our
photograph taken.

            We were paired with George Weiss working as an associate
photographer for Ash Imagery in the fall of 2014, first met him for our
engagement photos in the venue we were having our wedding. Truly, from
the moment we met him, we were so relieved. We did indoor and outdoor
shots on a relatively chilly (and crowded) day. As far as working
compatibility, George has a warm, laid-back and approachable demeanor
that made us feel open to talk to him and without hesitation tell
him what we were comfortable doing and when we felt like something
wasn't working.  While we were admittedly nervous, we were also able
to relax quite quickly and we came out of the experience with beautiful
shots for our Save the Dates.  Upon leaving our first shoot, we were so
happy with the experience and knew that one of the things that we
DIDN'T need to worry about was whether or not our photographs would
come out well.

            As for our wedding day, George certainly delivered. George
arrived at the suite where the bridal party and some family members were
getting ready in the early afternoon. I had barely begun getting my
makeup and hair done, and I recall George coming over to me let me know
of his arrival and immediately started taking shots.

I was very nervous to have my picture taken.  I don't fancy myself
particularly good looking, and I can't help but be hyper-aware of the
presence of a camera. SO, key to me to start relaxing is by looking at
the camera and making a hideous, hideous face. There I was, nearly
makeup-less and making an absurdly ugly face.  When I've done this as
an attendant for friends weddings, they usually wait for the moment to
pass, then lift the camera and shoot. What I will always remember and
appreciate about George and his contribution to our wedding day is him
not only lifting his camera and shooting, but putting the camera back
down for a moment and smiling a big smile, letting me know in so many
ways that I was completely free to be myself for the camera.

            I share this anecdote because it really captures what makes
George so special as a photographer. We found in our search for a
photographer that the sum of pictures seemed to reflect a greater
interest in self-promotion or showcasing and a glossy, seamless, and
homogenous or "perfect" set of pictures rather than providing a
truer set of events. This is how George stood out for us.  He's not
taking pictures for himself, to put up on a website later, showcase
them, or to add to his portfolio. He's taking these pictures for you
to have a beautifully honest collection of events, and to me, this is
one of the key things that makes George so distinctive and talented as a
wedding photographer.    George so beautifully captured the nuanced
eccentricities that make me and my husband us, and, much to our
surprise, found them rather endearing. For instance, I dragged a little
stuffed puppy – a longtime joke between me and my husband – to our
"first look", I was delighted to find that when I got our pictures
back that not only did he include shots that had our little stuffed
puppy in them, but he took the time to include him in other shots I
didn't even know about until we got our final cuts back. I just want
to emphasize how I just loved and so greatly appreciated that George did
not selectively cut out these seemingly small but endlessly important
eccentricities because it might not fit into the industry standards,
more common wedding narratives, or because quite frankly some people
just find it weird.  He works with you, not for you or for himself.
He captured the "real" us; the couple that makes screwball faces
at each other, takes their shoes off and plays with Legos, and eats soft
pretzels mid-shot without pause.

I have endless anecdotes regarding George's work, but the bottom line
is that he was exactly what we were looking for.  He is warm, humble,
and friendly - you will never make you think for one second that you are
"just another wedding client".   I would not hesitate for one moment
to give you my highest recommendation to have him as your wedding
photographer. GO DO IT.